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How to Buy a Mattress Online

How to Buy a Mattress Online

Shopping for a mattress on the internet definitely has its perks if you know what to look for when doing your research and understand the steps to buying a bed online.   

Why shop online? For starters, online mattress shopping is incredibly convenient – the mattress ships in a compact box right to your door. And you don't have to test out a mattress under the bright lights of a showroom floor or worry about haggling with a greedy salesperson over price.  

If you're ready to buy a new mattress online, use our guide to understand the steps to purchase, and you'll be on your way to better sleep in no time.   

Do Your Research  

Step one is to do your research thoroughly. There are thousands of resources at your fingertips. To avoid becoming overwhelmed, start with trusted sources like mattress review sites, YouTube, Amazon and, of course, the brand's website.   

There are dozens and dozens of review sites that judiciously compare different online mattress brands to help you make a better buying decision. These review sites usually receive a commission for each sale made from their website. Despite being compensated, the best online sleep resources present a comprehensive review of each product, critiquing things like quality of materials, support, and comfort.   

While most review sites feature video overviews of their reviews, they also include very detailed write-ups that you can read at your own pace. If you prefer to digest things visually, you can head straight to YouTube and search for the name of the mattress brand you want to learn more about.  

On YouTube, you will find unboxing videos, comparison videos that analyze the pros and cons of different brands side-by-side, as well as reviews from mattress experts and average consumers.   

If you want to read comments and feedback from average consumers, head to Amazon and search for the product or go directly to the brand's website. You'll be able to filter feedback by rating score and can even see photos and videos that customers have uploaded.   

Evaluate the Sleep Trial & Warranty  

After you've narrowed down your online mattress search to just a few brands, make sure that you understand the length of the sleep trial, warranty duration, and the return policy before completing your purchase.  

The industry standard for sleep trails is 100 nights. A sleep trial is the length of time that you can test the comfort and durability of the mattress in your own home before committing to your purchase. For example, if the sleep trial is 120 days, you can try the bed and return it within that time frame if you're unhappy with the product's performance.   

In most cases, the mattress company will donate your mattress to a local charity if you decide to return it. To ensure that the company you're purchasing from will donate your mattress and not charge you for any hidden fees, read through their policies before you buy.   

To protect yourself against manufacturers defects, look for a mattress warranty that lasts at least ten years. After making your purchase, keep your receipt and order information so that you have proof of purchase should you ever need to file a claim with the mattress company.    

Buy the Mattress Online   

When you've finally settled on the mattress, go to the brand's website to complete the purchase or buy from Amazon. If you buy from the brand directly, you may be able to use a code at checkout to save money on your purchase.   

After checking out, you'll receive tracking information so that you can follow your mattress on its journey from the brand's warehouse to your door.   

Unbox Your New Mattress on Delivery Day   

Memory foam mattresses, latex mattresses, and hybrid mattresses are all delivered to your door in a box. The mattresses are compressed and rolled for easy handling.  

When unboxing your new mattress, use caution depending on the size and weight of your new bed. Before removing the mattress from the packaging, move the box to the bedroom where you'll be using your new mattress.   

Once out of the box, place the rolled mattress on your bed frame before carefully cutting off the plastic. Removing the plastic will allow the bed to expand fully so you can enjoy a great night's rest. After all this work, you deserve it!  

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