Muse Sleep Combines Comfort and Convenience in a Single Box

Many mattress-in-a-box companies will try to sell you a mattress based on convenient delivery and competitive pricing. Very few will tell you about the different comfort options or help you find a firmness level that conforms to your body and sleep position. This is because most companies offer only one firmness option.

Muse Sleep doesn’t believe in a universally comfortable mattress. With Muse Sleep, you will get the ease and convenience of home delivery service as well as the choice to select the right level of firmness for your body and sleep position.

Muse Sleep offers memory foam mattresses in three firmness options, ranging from a “soft” level 5 firmness to a “medium” level 6.5, and a “firm” level 8 mattress. Each level of firmness is available in memory foam mattress king size options all the way to twin sizes.

The soft memory foam mattress offers a plush, “cloud-like” feel and is the cushiest of the three firmness levels. Muse Sleep recommends this option if you sleep on your side because it contours to your shoulders and hips while still offering full-body support.

The medium memory foam mattress provides plenty of support and padding but is firmer to the touch. Like the soft mattress, it contours your body, but it won’t have as much give as the soft level of firmness.

The firm memory foam mattress by Muse Sleep has the least amount of bounce, but offers a solid, supportive feel. This option is great if you sleep on your stomach or back because it will keep your hips from sinking down into the mattress and potentially placing strain on your lower or upper back.

In addition to being able to select your desired firmness level, with Muse Sleep you can also rest assured that every memory foam mattress, regardless of firmness, is formulated from high-quality, safe materials so you have a better night’s sleep. Each memory foam mattress option comes with a layer of responsive comfort foam and an 8-inch base layer that provides a durable foundation to support all sleep positions.

Each Muse Sleep memory foam mattress is also made with advanced gel technology to keep you cooler at night. This cool memory foam mattress uses a phase-change material called Diamond Breeze Fabric that deflects moisture and works with the top 2-inch layer of gel-infused foam to create the coolest memory foam mattresses available.
Each Muse Sleep mattress includes free shipping and is delivered within five to eight business days. Additionally, if you try a memory foam mattress king size option, for example, but decide that it’s too big (or small!), you can return it for a full refund within 120 days. If you decide to keep it, you’ll sleep soundly knowing you’re protected by Muse Sleep’s 10-year limited warranty.

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